"I care about you so much. I hope that one day you’ll find happiness because you deserve it."

� Unknown  (via psych-facts)

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You were
fucking me
touching me;

How could I not fall for that?


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"I feel too much. That’s what’s going on. Do you think one can feel too much? Or just feel the wrong ways? My insides don’t match up with my outsides. Do anyone’s inside and outsides match up? I don’t know. I’m only me. Maybe that’s what a person’s personality is: the difference between the inside and the outside. But it’s worse for me. I wonder if everyone thinks it’s worse for him. Probably. But it really is worse for me."

Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close   (via forlornes)

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great shot

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"But I can’t kiss you ‘til you lift up your chin
You have to want to stop being alone."

� Jack White (Would You Fight For My Love?)

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"Holding on to anything is like holding on to your breath. You will suffocate. The only way to get anything in the physical universe is by letting go of it. Let go and it will be yours forever."

� Deepak Chopra (via purplebuddhaproject)

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"Eventually something you love is going to be taken away. And then you will fall to the floor crying. And then, however much later, it is finally happening to you: you’re falling to the floor crying thinking, “I am falling to the floor crying,” but there’s an element of the ridiculous to it — you knew it would happen and, even worse, while you’re on the floor crying you look at the place where the wall meets the floor and you realize you didn’t paint it very well."

� Richard Siken (via oyclu)

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Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

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"You can’t live in a fantasy of ‘Somebody’s going to rescue me; somebody’s going to take care of me.’ You really have to do it yourself and put one foot in front of the other and eventually it will pay off. It really will."

� Gillian Anderson (via oyclu)

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"Just remember, even your worst days only have twenty-four hours"

� 10 word story (via hiddeninstars)

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Snowy Streets (York, England) by eaquaelegit on Flickr.

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